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Southern Alps Honey

Southern Alps Honey - Creamed Multifloral

Southern Alps Honey - Creamed Multifloral

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Sourced in lower-alpine areas from Mount Hutt to Staveley, Mid Canterbury. This honey is naturally blended by our bees from pastural areas, wild flowers and native bush (clover, honeydew, manuka, kanuka, cabbage tree, flax, vipers bugloss, matagouri, lupin, kowhai). Multi-floral honey has a rich tasting floral flavour, due to the range of nectar collected by the bees.

"My family and I have been enjoying Southern Alps Honey for 3 years now and can't get enough of it. We put it on/in everything (toast, sandwiches, smoothies, marinades, tea). My daughters favourite is the Creamed Alpine Clover and the Multifloral blend. 5+ stars from us. Keep up the good work."

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