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Southern Alps Honey

Southern Alps Honey - Beech Honeydew

Southern Alps Honey - Beech Honeydew

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Sourced from Beech forest in the sub-alpine region from Mount Hutt to Staveley, Mid Canterbury. Beech Honeydew is dark honey with rich malt and woody flavours. Studies have shown that New Zealand Beech Honeydew has one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all New Zealand honeys.

"My god the Beech Honeydew is amazing! In kids smoothies and soooo good with tamarillos. We also love it as a sugar substitute. Thank you."

"I'm sure we've tried all flavors now, and I still can't decide on a favorite, they're all so, so good in their own ways! Natural honey from our local hills so close to home, nothing could be better!"

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